Help St. Albert’s Earn Badly Needed Income

St. Albert’s Mission Hospital serves 130,000 people, the majority of whom are subsistence farmers. Dire economic conditions are preventing the hospital from providing even basic care.

Hospital director Dr. Julia Musariri has plans to rear chickens and sell their eggs to earn badly needed income. Your donation will go directly towards purchasing laying hens.

Income from sale of the eggs will go towards purchasing medicine, feeding patients, maintaining vehicles and equipment, and paying utility bills.

Potential markets include the mission boarding school (nearly 1,000 students); St. Albert’s township eateries; local people; other mission hospitals in the province; surrounding towns such as Mt Darwin, Mvurwi, Concession, Bindura “and even Harare, if the project proves successful,” Dr. Musariri notes.

Whether $5 or $500, please donate toward this bold income-generating project. We will keep you updated about its progress.

If donations exceed the target amount, BHA will apply the additional funds toward replacing the hospital’s anesthesia machine, which has become unreliable — it can stop in the middle of a procedure — and replacement parts cannot be found in the country. Types of surgeries performed at St. Albert’s include caesarean sections, tubal ligations, hysterectomies, amputations and skin grafting.

Thank you and keep well…Darrell

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You can hear more from Dr. Musairi in this video.