About Better Healthcare for Africa

Our Mission

Better Healthcare for Africa (BHA) is a secular, non-political, charitable organization dedicated to improving health outcomes in southern Africa by supporting health facilities and educational efforts that empower patients, caregivers and healthcare providers.

Our Vision

To alleviate suffering due to disease or injury by providing equipment, supplies and educational resources to medically underserved communities in southern Africa.

Our Objectives

  • To obtain and deliver equipment and supplies for St. Albert’s Mission Hospital and other healthcare facilities in Zimbabwe and southern Africa.
  • To support educational initiatives for healthcare providers and communities.
  • To increase awareness in the United States of healthcare needs in southern Africa.
  • To partner with other organizations to maximize the aid we can provide.
  • To raise funds to support these efforts.

Better Healthcare for Africa, Inc., was founded in February 2009 to assist St. Albert’s Mission Hospital, located in a remote area of northern Zimbabwe. BHA helps St. Albert’s meet equipment and supple needs and provide midwifery training. Cancer prevention and education is also a major focus, and BHA assisted the hospital in developing and maintaining a cervical-cancer screening and education program. The BHA board of directors consists of six volunteers, so 95 percent of the dollars we raise support BHA activities.

For more information, email us at info@betterhealthcareforafrica.org

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3 Responses to About Better Healthcare for Africa

  1. Jean Box says:

    I am trying to set up a hospital food program at a hospital in Tanzania, and I was wondering if you have information about your farm project that provides food.


  2. Darrell Ward says:

    Hi, Jean, and thank you for your question. Let me see what specifics I can learn. It might take a few days.

  3. Darrell Ward says:

    Jean, Here is information about the St. Albert’s farm project provided by Dr Elizabeth Tarira, director of St Albert’s. “Our farm project has 75 hectares of land, and a dam across a season stream that generates a reservoir for water. We grow the staple food crops i.e. maize but we also grow beans, soya, a variety of vegetables, raise rabbits, have a few head of cattle for meat, along with pigs and ducks. All these products go back to the kitchen for the patients. We have 3 permanent staff on the project, others we hire according to the need.” I hope that’s of some help, Jean. Darrell

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