Science & Resources

Education is a core mission of Better Healthcare for Africa. Pages provided under the Science & Resources tab will grow with time to meet two overarching goals:

  • Provide information and resources that will perhaps help St. Albert’s and other hospitals improve healthcare.
  • Help those in the United States and other developed countries better understand the challenges of providing healthcare in southern Africa.

The Science & Resources area of our website will include:

  • Information relating to the science underlying some of BHA’s areas of interest, such as cancer and cancer prevention (example: “VIAC and How it Works”).
  • Findings from St. Albert’s and elsewhere that illustrate the extent and challenges of providing healthcare at St. Albert’s and other centers in southern Africa.
  • PDFs of BHA materials that can be downloaded and used for patient or staff education.
  • Links to websites such as the World Health Organization and other organizations for useful information on topics related to BHA activities and programs, such as cervical screening and cancer prevention, that might be useful to hospitals or other healthcare organizations.



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