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Hi, Everyone – On 13 April, 2018, BHA received the email below from Dr. Musariri thanking BHA and its friends for the $5,000 sent to help the hospital meet a critical shortage of basic drugs and supplies. And we want to again thank the BHA supporters who contributed!

Dear Friends at BHA,
Accept our sincere gratitude for the medicines you bought for us in our time of extreme need. The staff was happy they had something to use. We live on hand to mouth system in our health institutions but because we  have you out there we are happy of the support.
Darrell I do hope that your are now home and feeling much better.
I have attached a report and the invoice.
Thank you so much.
 St Albert’s Mission Hospital

Dear Friends at BHA,

Greetings from St Albert’s Mission Hospital we are all very grateful for the funds you availed us to buy medicines and medical sundries which were out of stock. We had a relief of the urgently needed medicines when you came to our help.

Having purchased the medicines for the $5055USD you availed us the gap was briefly closed.

We were able to resuscitate patients and to treat them. The political and economic environment is extremely unfavorable for health institutions. Thank you for the care, concern and understanding.

We always are fed on promises which never in many instances bear any results.

Thank so much BHA.

On behalf of St Albert’s Mission Hospital team we wish you the best of God’s care and blessings.

Taking stock of purchased medicines

Patients waiting to pick up medicines

OPD patients awaiting consultations

OPD patients awaiting consultations

Intravenous fluids were bought

Intravenous fluids were bought

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